Thursday, October 3, 2013

“The Restoration of the Banished”

“He spares not His Son, but sends Him in quest of the exiles. He comes into the land of banishment, lies in an exile’s cradle, becomes a banished man for them, lives a banished life, endures an exile’s shame, dies an exile’s death, is buried in an exile’s tomb. He takes our place of banishment that we may take His place of honor and glory in the home of His Father and our Father. Such is the exchange between the exile and the exile’s divine substitute. Though rich, for our sakes He becomes poor. Though at home, He comes into banishment, that we may not be expelled forever.”
—Horatius Bonar, “The Restoration of the Banished”

Jesus took my exile and gave me his place in the Fathers house, I am now eternally secure I can never get kicked out of the Fathers house. Christ took my banishment and gives me his place of glory and honor. I have a seat at the Fathers table and a room in the Fathers house. I can run to the Fathers arms any time and He will always accept me. hold me, care for me, he will never get tired of me, or become disgusted with me because He sees me as he sees Jesus.

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