Thursday, April 24, 2014

C. S. Lewis, 'On Forgiveness'

C. S. Lewis, 'On Forgiveness'--
"To be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable, because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you. This is hard. It is perhaps not so hard to forgive a single person great injury. But to forgive the incessant provocations of daily life--to keep on forgiving the bossy mother-in-law, the bullying husband, the nagging wife, the selfish daughter, the deceitful son--how can we do it? Only, I think, by remembering where we stand, by meaning our words when we say our prayers each night 'forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us.' We are offered forgiveness on no other terms. To refuse is to refuse God's mercy for ourselves."

Keep on forgiving do not allow resentment to build inside you, do not dwell on the wrongs others have done to you, do not rehash hurts, wounds, unkind words or past offences. Never forget God has forgiven the inexcusable in you.

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