Tuesday, May 6, 2014

How to Spell 'Grace'

Charles Spurgeon, in a sermon he preached during his later years said--
"I have known some that, at first conversion, have not been very clear in the gospel, who have been made evangelical by their discoveries of their own need of mercy. They could not spell the word 'grace.' They began with a G, but they very soon went on with an F, till it spelt very like 'freewill' before they had done with it.

But after they have learned their weakness, after they have fallen into serious fault, and God has restored them, or after they have passed through deep depression of mind, they have sung a new song. In the school of repentance they have learned to spell. They began to write the word 'free,' but they went on from free, not to 'will' but to 'grace.' And there it stood in capitals, 'FREE GRACE'. . . . They became clearer in their divinity, and truer in their faith than ever they were before."
--quoted in Iain Murray, The Forgotten Spurgeon (Banner of Truth 1966), 69-70

You can have free will but I'll take free grace. It's easy to make the focus all about you and your choices and miss the grace of God. I love the line: "In the school of repentance they have learned to spell." Have you learned to spell free grace?

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