Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Islamist Terror Group Boko Haram Slaughters up to 2,000 In Nigeria

NIGERIA | Boko Haram terror rampage may be one of the deadliest in the Islamist group’s history. In the villages surrounding the northern Nigerian town of Baga, the corpses filling the streets are “too many to count,” according to witnesses of what may be one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in recent history.
Militants with the Islamist terror group Boko Haram besieged Baga and at least 16 other villages during the past week, killing hundreds—if not thousands—of residents in a matter of days.
Some local officials reported the slayings could mount to more than 2,000 dead. Whatever the final count, the savagery appeared to surpass even Boko Haram’s severest brutality in its years-long campaign to conquer northern Nigeria and establish an Islamic caliphate. The town also held another strategic target for Boko Haram: It houses a multi-national military base. When militants stormed the town, they attacked the base, where mostly Nigerian soldiers were stationed. Witnesses say the soldiers promptly fled.
That left Baga and surrounding villages vulnerable to a horrific rampage: Witnesses say Boko Haram militants shot fleeing residents, burned homes, and searched the bush for those hiding from their attackers. When militants found residents hiding, they executed them and left their corpses strewn across the villages.
Local officials say most victims were children, women, and elderly residents who couldn't outrun their attackers. A Nigerian lawmaker told the BBC: “The indiscriminate killings went on and on and on.” WGN.org

Where is the reporting on this where is the outrage that the world showed for the attacks in France? Where is the leadership in the USA talking about this? As believers we must speak up we must pray for these nations and we must condemn groups like Boko Haram which is an Islamist terror group.

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