Thursday, January 29, 2015

Suffering For Doing Right

We have been called to suffer for doing right. “SERVANTS BE SUBJECT TO YOUR MASTERS WITH ALL RESPECT, NOT ONLY TO THE GOOD AND GENTLE BUT ALSO TO THE UNJUST” (1 Peter 2:18-25). There are two kinds of bosses— good and gentle ones and unjust ones. There are two kinds of fathers, mothers, husbands or wives. Any situation you find yourself in both the good and the gentle or the unjust submit with all respect. It’s easy to submit to the good and gentle, when you’re being treated well. Submission begins at the point of disagreement. If you agree with those who are in a position of authority over you big deal, you agree its what you want done. It's only when something is being said or done that you don't agree with that tests your ability to submit. Most people quickly find out that they have a really hard time having a submissive spirit and you can see it by how loudly and angrily they disagree, or by how quickly offended they become when what they suggest is overlooked or ignored. Sometimes you have to suffer for doing the right thing. This is what Jesus did.

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