Wednesday, December 30, 2015

God is in Control

Are you facing some trial right now? Something that is overwhelming you? I declare to you the very heart of biblical Christianity, that the God whom you know in Jesus Christ sits upon the throne of the universe and all power, all authority in heaven and earth belongs to him, is controlled by him and is subject to him. The world has not gone mad it’s gone very sinful. But God is in control. The government does not rest upon Satan’s shoulders, it does not rest on some political leaders in Washington, or London, or Moscow or Beijing or the Middle East, the government of this world rests firmly on the shoulders of Jesus Christ so “WHY ARE YOU SO AFRAID, O YOU OF LITTLE FAITH?” This question applies to Christians today as much as it did to those disciple that were in the boat with Jesus. I listen to Christians who have have listened so much to the news media that they do not remember that Jesus is in the boat with them. Christians have no need to live in fear about what is happening to this country or any other country because Our God is in control of every nation.

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