Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Who Can Enter?

Donald Grey Barnhouse was speaking about the cross and the need to believe on the Christ who died upon it said, “Imagine that the cross has a door in it. All you are asked to do is to go through. On the side facing you are the words “Whosoever will, may come”. You stand there with the burden of your sin upon you and wonder if you should enter in or not. Finally, you do and as you do the burden of your sin falls away, you are safe and free. Joyfully you turn around and see written on the other side of the cross through which you just now entered the words, “Chosen in Him before the foundation of the world”.

Jesus said "I am the door if anyone enters by me he will be saved"
Who can enter? Jesus said "anyone" Salvation is pictured as walking through a door. Jesus didn't say he was a wall you had to climb over and if you made it you would be saved he said walk through the door. The door is not locked its open all you do is walk through. Its not an exalted door that only people with money can go through, its not a hidden door that only those with knowledge can find, it's a street level door accessible to anyone. If you want to be saved walk through the door and you will be.

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