Friday, May 27, 2016

Luther on Salvation

“So then, have we nothing to do to obtain this righteousness? No, nothing at all! For this righteousness comes by doing nothing, hearing nothing, knowing nothing, but rather in knowing and
believing this only – that Christ has gone to the right hand of the Father, not to become our judge, but to become for us our wisdom, our righteousness, our holiness, our salvation! Now God sees no sin in us, for in this heavenly righteousness sin has no place. So now we may certainly think, ‘Although I still sin, I don’t despair, because Christ lives, who is both my righteousness and my eternal life.’ In that righteousness I have no sin, no fear, no guilty conscience, no fear of death. I am indeed a sinner in this life of mine and in my own righteousness, but I have another life, another righteousness above this life, which is in Christ, the Son of God, who knows no sin or death, but is eternal righteousness and eternal life. For if the truth of being justified by Christ alone (not by our works) is lost, then all Christian truths are lost… On this truth and only on this truth the Church is built and has its being.” (Martin Luther) 

On this truth I stand and am convinced that it is the only solid foundation the church can be built on. I so desire that Christians know this truth and build their lives upon it and take great comfort in it. I challenge you to print this out carry it around with you and read it over and over until the truth of it frees your soul from all the religious bondage you have been taught and the condemnation that weighs you down and you experience the deep peace of God. If this makes me a Lutheran than so be it.

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