Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cream - Dance The Night Away

No Reason But Grace Alone

I would have to agree with Spurgeon when he said, "I cannot understand the reason why I am saved, except upon the ground that God would have it so. I cannot, if I look ever so earnestly, discover any kind of reason in myself why I should be a partaker of Divine grace. If I am not at this moment without Christ, it is only because Christ Jesus would have his will with me, and that will was that I should be with him where he is, and should share his glory. I can put the crown nowhere but upon the head of him whose mighty grace has saved me from going down into the pit." Charles Spurgeon

All I can say is amen I cannot give any reason why God should have saved me except the words of the Apostle Paul, Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the foremost" Nothing in my hands I bring simply to thy cross I cling, oh lamb of God I come.

Cream - Strange Brew

Cream - Crossroads - Live (1968)

Hobbit Office - Saturday Night Live - After saving Middle-earth, Bilbo (Martin Freeman), Gandalf (Bobby Moynihan), Gollum (Taran Killam), Legolas (Kyle Mooney) and Tauriel (Kate McKinnon) take up office jobs.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Cyndi Lauper - Crossroads - With Johnny Lang on Guitar & Vocals

Cyndi Lauper - Rollin' and Tumblin'

Cyndi Lauper - Just Your Fool - With Charlie Musselwhite on Harmoncia

Lions Coach Jim Caldwell Quotes Theologian Charles Hodge

Lions coach Jim Caldwell in today's interview quotes theologian Charles Hodge principal of Princeton Theological Seminary between 1851 and 1878 "There's a guy named Charles Hodge who is actually a great theologian, but he made this statement- ‘You have to be able to exalt men without inflating them' and the other part of it is, ‘and humble men without debasing them.' So, that's kind of a balancing act for us. We have to make certain that we make them feel good about what they're doing, but not to the point where they feel overconfident. We have to make certain, obviously, that we tell them the truth about things they've done wrong, but we don't have to dog-cuss them and tear them down. So, it's a delicate balancing act trying to kind of keep a team on even keel all across the board, never too high never too low." 

How nice to have a well read Lions coach who even knows who Charles Hodge is. I'm sure most of the reporters didn't have a clue.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

How Does the Holy Spirit Actually Produce Change in Us?

"Dwelling in the elect, the Spirit does not slumber, nor does He keep an eternal Sabbath, in idleness shutting Himself up in their hearts; but as divine Worker He seeks from within to fill their individual persons, pouring the stream of His divine brightness through every space.
But we should not imagine that every believer is instantly filled and permeated. On the contrary, the Holy Spirit finds him filled with all manner of evil and treachery. . . . His method of procedure is not with divine power to force a man as though he were a stock or block, but by the power of love and compassion so to influence and energize the impulses of the feeble will that it feels the effect, is inclined, and finally consents to be the temple of the Holy Spirit. . . .

This operation is different in each person. In one it proceeds with marvelous rapidity; in another, progress is exceedingly slow, being checked by serious reaction which in some rare cases is overcome only with the last breath. There are scarcely two men in whom this gracious operation is completely the same.

It may not be denied that the Holy Spirit often meets serious opposition on the part of the saint. . . . And the Holy Spirit bears all this resistance with infinite pity, and overcomes it and casts it out with eternal mercy.

Who that is not a stranger to his own heart does not remember how many years it took before he would yield a certain point of resistance; how he always avoided facing it; restlessly opposed it, at last thought to end the matter by arranging for a sort of modus vivendi between himself and the Holy Spirit? But the Holy Spirit did not cease, gave him no rest; again and again that familiar knock was heard, the calling in his heart of that familiar voice. And after years of resistance he could not but yield in the end."

--Abraham Kuyper, The Work of the Holy Spirit (trans. Henri De Vries; Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1979), 529–30

How Hillary Goes Extinct

The Hunt - Tommy Emmanuel - Originally on the album "The Journey Continues" - Amazing!

Martin Short's Awkward Interview - David Letterman

Al Green: "Tired of Being Alone/Let's Stay Together" - David Letterman

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Knowledge Of God

How can we describe God’s knowledge? Arthur Pink in his book “Gleanings in the Godhead” wrote, “God is omniscient, he knows everything; everything possible, everything actual; all events all creatures, of the past, the present and the future. He is perfectly acquainted with every detail in the life of every being in heaven, in earth, and in hell . . . nothing escapes His notice, nothing can be hidden from Him, nothing is forgotten by Him. . . He never errs, never changes, never overlooks anything” (pg.19). A.W. Tozer in his book The Knowledge of the Holy expands this description by adding negatives: “God has never learned from anyone. God cannot learn. Could God at any time or in any manner receive into his mind knowledge that he did not possess and had not processed from eternity, He would be imperfect and less than himself. To think of a God who must sit at the feet of a teacher, even though that teacher be an archangel or a seraph, is to think of someone other than the most high God, maker of heaven and earth. . . 

These are awesome thoughts that will help you stand in awe of God.