Friday, January 23, 2015

Eric Clapton - Sweet home Chicago - Sessions For Robert Johnson

The Problem Of Control

The real issue today and the cause of most problems or division in families is the issue of control. And we're all a bunch of controllers. We like to be in control. That means pride and fear are ruling in your life. Pride leads to control. You think, "I deserve to be in charge". Fear leads to irrational control, afraid of letting someone else lead. Trying to control our own circumstances. Insecurity leads to control . . . you don't want your insecurity exposed; you don't want to be out of your comfort zone. You can control people through your emotions, through anger, etc. Control is the issue. This is what causes problems in families; it’s what causes problems in the body of Christ.
This is a very hard truth for people to grasp. A lot of families are in bondage to a controller in the family. Some control through anger so others are kept in line out of fear. Some control through excessive emotions leaving the rest of the family to walk on eggshells in fear of the controller lashing out emotionally. Controllers rarely admit to their sin leaving behind many hurt damaged husbands or wives and children and others. If you're unsure this is describing you find someone who isn't afraid to tell you the truth, this in itself can be hard. The only way to freedom is repentance ask God to give it to you. The truth is there's almost nothing you're in control of.

Eric Clapton - Kind Hearted Woman, Sessions for Robert Johnson

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Teach Us To Number Our Days

The last section of Psalm 90 is an appeal to God for an outpouring of His Grace, that we may be satisfied with God Himself and that our work will endure as something of lasting value even though we will quickly pass away. This closing section of the Psalm give us three petitions:

1.“SO TEACH US TO NUMBER OUR DAYS THAT WE MAY GET A HEART OF WISDOM.” (v.12) This is a prayer that God will help us live Holy Lives which is the path of true wisdom. How do we make each day count for God?

2.“SATISFY US IN THE MORNING WITH YOUR STEADFAST LOVE (mercy) THAT WE MAY REJOICE (sing for joy) AND BE GLAD ALL OUR DAYS” (v.14). “The only thing that will secure life-long gladness is a heart satisfied with the experience of Gods love” (Alexander MacLaren).

3.“ESTABLISH THE WORK OF OUR HANDS UPON US (for us); YES ESTABLISH THE WORK OF OUR HANDS” (v.17) “So long as we are here...we are required by Him for something. Let us therefore find out what it is, and do it; and while we do it, let us pray that God may establish it so that it may remain to bless posterity” (William M. Taylor).

Muddy Waters and Johnny Winter - Mannish Boy

Muddy Waters & Johnny Winter - I Can't Be Satisfied - Live at The Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA 03-06-1977

Norah Jones - Don't Know Why - Live and Exclusive for BBC Radio 2

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Islamist Terror Group Boko Haram Slaughters up to 2,000 In Nigeria

NIGERIA | Boko Haram terror rampage may be one of the deadliest in the Islamist group’s history. In the villages surrounding the northern Nigerian town of Baga, the corpses filling the streets are “too many to count,” according to witnesses of what may be one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in recent history.
Militants with the Islamist terror group Boko Haram besieged Baga and at least 16 other villages during the past week, killing hundreds—if not thousands—of residents in a matter of days.
Some local officials reported the slayings could mount to more than 2,000 dead. Whatever the final count, the savagery appeared to surpass even Boko Haram’s severest brutality in its years-long campaign to conquer northern Nigeria and establish an Islamic caliphate. The town also held another strategic target for Boko Haram: It houses a multi-national military base. When militants stormed the town, they attacked the base, where mostly Nigerian soldiers were stationed. Witnesses say the soldiers promptly fled.
That left Baga and surrounding villages vulnerable to a horrific rampage: Witnesses say Boko Haram militants shot fleeing residents, burned homes, and searched the bush for those hiding from their attackers. When militants found residents hiding, they executed them and left their corpses strewn across the villages.
Local officials say most victims were children, women, and elderly residents who couldn't outrun their attackers. A Nigerian lawmaker told the BBC: “The indiscriminate killings went on and on and on.”

Where is the reporting on this where is the outrage that the world showed for the attacks in France? Where is the leadership in the USA talking about this? As believers we must speak up we must pray for these nations and we must condemn groups like Boko Haram which is an Islamist terror group.

Traffic - Feelin' Alright 1968 Remastered

Oscar Peterson Trio - Sweet Georgia Brown - Live At The Blue Note

'Night time' Oscar Peterson