Monday, June 30, 2014

Advice To An Intelligent Child

Here is G.K. Chesterton's final advice to a very intelligent child.

"And don't believe in anything
That can't be told in colored pictures"

Ideas that are too insubstantial to illustrate are likely to be unreal abstractions or just mental muddles. Authentic insights are specific and so can be pictured in ways that help both to explain them and to verify them. And good mental pictures - models, to use the modern word - by involving that half of our mind which we call imagination, will take our understanding further than rational analysis on its own can ever go. This is evidently why Jesus taught in parables and why all communicators do well to cultivate a style of presentation that is as imaginative as it is analytical. So did writers like C.S.Lewis and preachers like C.H.Spurgeon."

J.I.Packer, Keep In Step With The Spirit, pg. 95

"Statesboro Blues" with Taj Mahal and Gregg Allman

"Statesboro Blues" featuring Taj Mahal and Gregg Allman, from the forthcoming "All My Friends - Celebrating The Songs And Voice of Gregg Allman" Blu-Ray/DVD/CD available 5/6/14 from Rounder Records.

The IRS Will Never Buy This

Eric Clapton & Joe Cocker - Worried Life Blues - Live TV Recording

The Tour For A.R.M.S. USA 1983 Live at Madison Square Garden, New York December 9th 1983

Eric Clapton - Hoochie Coochie Man - Live TV Recording

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Life Changing Quote - Enlarging Our Repentance

"We need to realize that while God's acceptance of each Christian believer is perfect from the start, our repentance always needs to be extended further as long as we are in this world.
Repentance means turning from as much as you know of your sin - to give as much as you know of yourself - to as much as you know of your God, and as our knowledge grows at these three points so our practice of repentance has to be enlarged."  J.I. Packer, Keep In Step With The Spirit, pg 87

Luther said all of life is repentance. We repent from as much as we know of our sin, and we always underestimate our own sin because of our fallenness. So we have to grow in repentance as we realize our sinfulness. Then we give as much as we know of our-self, again that is a process, we should constantly growing in a knowledge of our-selves. Then we give as much as know of our sin and as much as we know of our-self to as much as we know of our God. This makes growing in our knowledge of God critical. The greater we know God the greater we know our-self the greater we know of our sin. This means our practice of repentance will constantly be growing. Digest that! Amazing!

Down Home Blues - James Cotton & Junior Wells

James Cotton - High Compression

The James Cotton Blues Band - Somthin' You Got

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Misunderstanding Grace

There is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to grace. We distort grace when we see grace as approval instead of undeserved favor, we diminish our joy because we miss the truth that God predestined us for a purpose, to conform us to Christ.

So we tell ourselves, “God loves me and accepts me just the way I am” —“Wait a tick” (Austin Powers), that isn't true at all! God loves us and accepts us in spite of the way we are and He loves and accepts us because of who Jesus is. God love's us so much that He refuses to leave us the way that He found us. He is at work making us like Jesus.

Quit making grace an excuse for your disobedience. Jesus didn't die on the cross so you could stay just the way you are. God's eternal plan is to change you and that goes against our controlling selfish nature. We should be glad that God will not leave us alone.

Eric Clapton and Doyle Bramhall ll - Hell Hound on my Trail

Tal Wilkenfeld - Truth Be Told

Jeff Beck - A Day In The Life (Crossroads Festival 2007)

Doyle Bramhall II - Outside Women Blues (Crossroads 2007)

Tommy Emmanuel - Those Who Wait

Take four minutes turn up the song and let it soothe your mind and soul