Tuesday, January 26, 2016

T-Bone Walker, Big Joe Turner, Otis Spann & George 'Harmonica' Smith - Blues Jam

Band:Big Joe Turner (vocals), T-Bone Walker (vocals, guitar), Otis Spann (piano), George 'Harmonica' Smith (harp), Ernie Watts (tenor sax), Ron Brown (bass), Arthur Right (guitar) and Paul Humphrey (drums).

T-Bone Walker, Big Joe Turner, Otis Spann & George 'Harmonica' Smith - Paris Blues

Big Joe Turner (vocals), T-Bone Walker (vocals, guitar), Otis Spann (piano), George 'Harmonica' Smith (harp), Ernie Watts (tenor sax), Ron Brown (bass), Arthur Right (guitar) and Paul Humphrey (drums).

Friday, January 15, 2016

Why People Feel Lost

Many people feel lost today. This is reflected in our culture — art, poetry, books, magazines, music, movies, T. V. Shows. In a time when we think we have more control we are finding most of life is out our control (example - recent disasters, terror attacks). People are doing their best to feel at home in this world. Everything centers around self. The natural inclination of the unsaved heart is to think the universe revolves around us. To think this way is spiritually insane. We refuse to believe we should live for something more than this present life. We treat this world as if it were the only home we will ever have. We concentrate on arranging it for our comfort.
We find ourselves in a age of nuclear threats, torture, oppression, terrorism, brainwashing, and natural disasters. We expected life to be friendly instead it mocks our hopes leaving us frustrated and disillusioned. We thought we were wise instead we’re like children lost in the dark we ask, “Is there a plan?”, “What’s the point of this life?” God’s world is never friendly to those who forget its maker. God alone made life and only God can tell us it’s meaning. If we want to make sense of life in this world we must know God. And if we want to know God we must turn to the Bible.

Muddy Waters w Otis Spann - Country Boy (Live France 1964)

Muddy Waters - vcl gtr; Otis Spann - piano; Ransom Knowling - bass; Willie 'Big Eyes' Smith - drums.

Fleetwood Mac/Otis Spann - Someday Soon Baby

Peter Green/Danny Kirwan/John McVie/Mick Fleetwood Otis Spann/Vcl and piano Blues Jam at Chess/Fleetwood Mac In Chicago - 1969

The Real State Of The Union

Otis Spann - Some Day

Jeff Beck - Shapes Of Things

Friday, January 8, 2016

Eric Clapton - Cocaine - Royal Albert Hall - London, England - May 21, 2015

Preserve Your Sanity

Peter is saying preserve your sanity. Don't lose your mental or moral balance in view of the nearness of the end times. As the end time approaches we need to keep alert and be aware of conditions in our world but not be thrown off balance or give way to panic. We are to be of sound mind. How many Christians thought the world would end in 1988 & 1989 or Y2K? Or today with the red heifer or the blood moons? The idea of keeping "sane" is that of thinking in a level headed way about yourself.
This sanity will lead to being "clear headed". The opposite of clear headedness is intoxication. So this word meant literally "not drunk" and figuratively that the mind was alert and clear devoid of mental intoxication or fuzzy thinking, or bad doctrine. The nearness of the end times is no excuse for believers to fall apart or drop out. We must be sound, stable, balanced mentality, it's time for clear thinking. Think clearly because the end of all things is near and you need to be fully in control of your thoughts.

Jeff Beck & Joss Stone - I Put a Spell On You Live (HD)

Joss Stone - Al Green - How Can You Mend A BrokenHeart