Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Highway to Hell or Stairway to Heaven?

I thought that the image of a highway versus a stairway are very contrasting by nature. One is typically flat, wide, and fast, whereas the other is typically narrow, ascending, and not fast-going. Their destinations were also very different. The fast tract leads to hell. The steps lead to heaven. Bionically speaking these places are exact opposites. Their natures, though both eternal, are contradictory. Hell is a place of unrest. It’s a place of fire that cannot be quenched, yet it’s also a place of total darkness. Agony and misery belong for eternity for those in hell, and there is no hope… just despair. Heaven is a place of eternal rest. It’s a place of peace. A place where we will see the Lord face to face. There will be no hardships, no suffering, no evil, no death. The glory of the Lord shall light heaven forever. Jesus spoke of a broad road that leads to destruction. He says that many enter through it. (Matthew 7:13) I think the many religions of this fallen and depraved world make up the lanes of this massive highway to hell. Jesus also spoke of a narrow road that leads to heaven. He said few find it. (Matthew 7:14) To further support the Biblical nature of this image, Scripture does speak of a “Stairway to Heaven”. It’s found in a dream that Jacob had at Bethel. (Genesis 28:12) Jesus later references this dream and places himself into the dream as the “Stairway to Heaven.” (John 1:51) In other words, Jesus is the “Stairway to Heaven”. Based on the Word of God, I take the stance that it is a fact that there’s a “Highway to Hell” and a “Stairway to Heaven” and as their descriptions imply, many more will take the highway. Though these are song lyrics, it doesn’t mean they don’t echo the truth of Scripture in some ways. (Andy Wrasman)

John Mayer opens his 2019 world tour with a tribute to the people of Christchurch/New Zealand by performing the great hymn How Great Thou Art with local New Zealand performers.

Eric Clapton "Stop Breakin' Down Blues" (Sessions 2004)

Eric Clapton and Doyle Bramhall ll - Hell Hound on my Trail

Eric Clapton - Session For Robert Johnson - Me And The Devil Blues

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Johnny Cash - God's Gonna Cut You Down - A Prophetic Warning to all those in the video and to all of us

Johnny Cash - Redemption Day

Sounds like today Fire rages in the streets And swallows everything it meets It's just an image often seen On television Come leaders, come you men of great Let us hear you pontificate Your many virtues laid to waste And we aren't listening What do you have for us today? Throw us a bone but save the plate On why we waited til so late Was there no oil to excavate No riches in trade for the fate Of every person who died in hate Throw us a bone, you men of great There is a train that's heading straight To heaven's gate, to heaven's gate And on the way, child and man, And woman wait, watch and wait For redemption day

A Song For Sunday - Help Me - Johnny Cash

Oh, lord, help me walk Another mile, just one more mile; I'm tired of walkin' all alone. And lord, help me to smile Another smile, just one more smile; Don't think I can do things on my own. I never thought I needed help before; Thought that I could get by - by myself. But now I know I just can't take it any more. And with a humble heart, on bended knee, I'm beggin' You please for help