Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Christianity is the Only Paid Religion

To demonstrate the exclusivity of Christ's work, the Church can boldly claim that Christianity is the only paid religion. It is not a way of life; it is life given to you. In other words, Christianity is not a system of moral rules that must be followed or an arrangement of obligatory rituals. At its heart is mankind's utter inability to adhere to God's standard, and our universal need of God's grace, which comes to us through the work of Jesus Christ alone. It is often said that Christianity is the only free religion, or that it is the only religion in which salvation comes through faith apart from works, but that's only partially true. For sinful man's part, Scripture teaches that salvation is freely given through faith in Jesus apart from works, but for God's part, our salvation was not free; it came at a great cost. Jesus paid dearly for our salvation.
by Andy Wrasman

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