Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Opposite of Biblical Christianity - What a Pretentious Load of Crap

Ken Wilbur, a 'mind-blowing' author according to Rob Bell:

A few things:

1. This guy couldn't be more Kantian if he tried. In all the ways we don't want to be like Kant.

2. The lady whispering 'I-am-ness' at 3:09 is both laugh-worthy and tear-worthy.

3. The reference to Exodus 3:14 is a hijacking of what that text, and the whole biblical revelation of God, means.

The epistemology, anthropology, and theology propounded here is the opposite, the precise opposite, of biblical Christianity.

Dane Ortlund

1 comment:

  1. You made it to 3:09? I was rolling my eyes and quit by 1:49. Pretentious Crap? If it was only that it would be bad enough. I cling to the belief that those who are meant to be saved will not be derailed by people like his.