Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jonathan Edwards on the 4 ways God has been gracious to us

I found that meditating on these 4 ways that God’s grace to us was “great”  really led me to worship. The language is a little old, but it is worth the effort. I added the #’s to help break it up…
The redeemed have all from the grace of God.  It was of mere grace that God gave us his only begotten Son. (1) The grace is great in proportion to the excellency of what is given.  The gift was infinitely previous, because it was of a person infinitely worthy, a person of infinite glory; and also because it was of a person infinitely near and dear to God.  (2) The grace is great in proportion to the benefit He have given us in himThe benefit is doubly infinite, in that in him we have deliverance from an infinite, because an eternal, misery, and do also receive eternal joy and glory.  (3) The grace in bestowing this gift is great in proportion to our unworthiness to whom it is given; instead of deserving such a gift, we merited infinitely ill of God’s hands.  (4) The grace is great according to the manner of giving, or in proportion to the humiliation and expense of the method and means by which a way is made for our having the gift.  He gave him to dwell amongst us; he gave him to us incarnate, or in our nature; and in the like through sinless infirmities.  He gave him to us in a low and afflicted state; and not only so, but as slain, that he might be a feast for our souls.” (Works 17, 203)

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