Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lessons from LOST

Lost was groundbreaking in many ways, and it will certainly take its place in history as one of the most thought-provoking dramas to grace the airwaves. It was not perfect (remember the sluggish pace of Season 3 or the introduction of Nikki and Paulo?), but I’m confident that it will be remembered for setting a new standard for television drama.
What are some lessons that Christians can take away from this pop culture phenomenon?
1. People are interested in the big questions of life.
2. People are looking for the purpose behind pain and suffering.
3. There is a crisis of fatherhood today that has caused immeasurable pain, sorrow and anger.
Lost often centered on the “daddy issues” in the back stories of many of the characters.
4. People long to be part of a story bigger than their personal story, but which is able to incorporate and add meaning to their individual experiences.
Why did Lost strike such a chord? Because this desire for meaning and purpose behind our individual stories is very much wired into us as humans. Lost never fully succeeded at satisfactorily tying the stories together into the show’s meta-narrative. But there is one Story that will.
The Christian faith teaches that we are part of a Story that is about Jesus Christ, the King of the universe. The slain Lamb is the conquering king – through whom and for whom our world exists.
Ironically, when we live as if our personal story is at the center of our universe, we struggle to find meaning and significance. But when Christ is at the center and we are pushed to the periphery, it is then – in that place of seeming obscurity and insignificance – that we find true worth and value, by giving glory to the King with whom we can become united through faith.
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