Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Losing My Mind

Its very early Wednesday morning 12:45am. I just got done formatting an external hard drive for the family computer. I am not good with this stuff. I don't do plumbing electrical painting fixing landscaping working with tools, you name it I'm not good at it. Our family computer got some kind of bug or virus so a friend of mine wiped the hard drive clean but was able to save all the music and photos. I ordered the hard drive from to save money it is recertified. But it was in the wrong format. What do I know for formats! I was running a program windows one live care and trying to back up the hard drive. My computer told me the format was fat32 and that was not good for windows I needed to change it NTFS, what do I know for NTFS? I was following the instructions that I had to write out because the printer is not working yet because I cant find the disk that came with it. I follow the instructions and get to a question What is the volume of the drive? I dont know. I tried it twice and got nowhere. So I went to my computer on windows and clicked on the new drive to try to get information. The info was in a pdf format but the computer didnt have adobe on it. So I went to adobe to download the software but because I was using firefox there were other directions I had to follow, are you kidding me? It takes forever to download adobe because of my slow good for nothing at&t dsl. I watch some Letterman finish the install of adobe. Now I am reading and trying to follow instructions. They tell me to go to some support site and read how to format the drive. Again I had to write down a page of instructions because the printer doesnt work. I work through the instructions and reformat the drive, yea! Then I go back into windows one care to back up the hard drive. This only took 1 & 1/2 hours, I finished about 12:30am. Hey I didnt even tell you about the leaking faucet in the bathroom that didnt have a shut off valve for the hot water, and i'm trying to figure out the pipes in the basement, I think i'm losing my mind.

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