Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Making Your Blues Go Away Part 3

TWO: Face Your Emotions (Psalm 102:3-11)

Notice the draining effects of depression. These words are so expressive that everyone can identify with them. (TEV is Todays English Version)
1. You have no hope—“My days vanish like smoke”; “Are consumed like smoke” (v.3) Your days are like being engulfed in smoke, you can't see anything clearly.
2. You feel physical pain—“My bones burn”; “My bones are burned like a hearth”; “My body is burning like fire” (TEV) (v.3) You experience aches and pains but your not physically sick.
3. You feel emotional pain—“My heart is blighted”; “My heart has been smitten”; “My heart is stricken”; I am beaten down like dry grass” (TEV) (v.4) Dry grass has no strength it doesn't bounce back it just lays down. Your emotions are rung out like a dish cloth you just don't have the strength to respond.
4. You lose your appetite—“I forget to eat my bread”; “I have lost my desire for food” (TEV) (v.4) You don't even think about eating it has no appeal to you.
5. Isolation and loneliness—“Like a desert owl”; “I am like a wild bird in the desert” (TEV) (v.6) You feel all alone even if your not. You dont feel connected with anybody the longer the depression the more withdrawn you get.
6. Sleeplessness—“I lie awake”; “I am like a lonely bird on a housetop” (TEV) (v.7) You experience a restlessness you toss and turn but cant fall into a deep sleep.
7. Mental attack and alienation—“My enemies taunt me”; “All day long my enemies insult me” (TEV) (v.8) Your mind wanders and you start to believe that every one is against you. You take everything said to you personally and lash out at others.
8. Sorrow—“I eat ashes like bread”; “Mingle my drink with tears”; “Ashes are my food” (TEV); “My tears are mixed with my drink” (TEV) (v.9) A sorrow comes over you and you may start to cry at any moment not even knowing why your crying.
9. Abandonment—“You have taken me up and thrown me aside”; “You picked me up and threw me away” (TEV) (v.10) You feel that everyone has abandoned you including God.
10. Meaninglessness—“I wither away like grass”; “My life is like the evening shadow” (TEV) (v.11) Nothing makes sense you get up every day and go through the motions but it doesnt mean anything.

Depression is not pleasant to deal with. It suffocates you even if its for a day. The first sign of health is when we are willing to admit our inner gloom. You have to face your emotions, admit them and talk to them, “Why are you downcast o’ my soul?” “Put your hope in God” (Psa.42:5). You have to speak to youself and remind yourself who God is and choose to trust him.

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