Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Late Show Top Ten Answers To The Question, "How Cold Is It?"

10. "It's so cold, auto company executives are asking Congress for soup"
9. "It's so cold, Tom Cruise is making a movie about a plot to assassinate Al Roker"
8. "It's so cold, Starbucks is selling antifreeze macchiatos"
7. "It's so cold, MSNBC employees gathered around Keith Olbermann's giant head for warmth"
6. "It's so cold, Bernie Madoff was defrauding Eskimos"
5. "It's so cold, this morning it took Joe Biden 40 minutes to defrost his hair plugs"
4. "It's so cold, O.J. led an armed raid to retrieve his space heater"
3. "It's so cold, Apple just introduced something called the iScarf"
2. "It's so cold, Iraqis are throwing snowshoes at President Bush"
1. "It's so cold, Santa said, 'Screw Christmas,' and took off for Rio"

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